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At Custom Mobility in Mount Brydges, ON, our services are built on mutual trust and confidence. We are thankful for the wonderful feedback that our valued clients have for us all the time.

Here are some of them that we wish to share with you:

“I just wanted to say a big thank you. We really appreciate your service and honesty. We will definitely deal with you again in the future. Thanks again.”

- Miguel

“Thank you so much for all of your support with the Casino Rama ‘The Price is Right’.

You and your team provided exactly what you said you would! Yeah! The client was happy…which makes me happy…”

- Jo-Ann

“Just a note of appreciation to you all. Angie has spoken highly of your excellent customer service.

I know firsthand how the E-Motion wheels have made a tremendous and positive impact on her life! Angie is a member of Achilles London and as a group, we go walking at Masonville on a weekday afternoon. In the past, she could only push 100m and maybe only a couple times. The first time with the E-Motion wheels, she was pushing 300m and just a couple weeks ago she pushed the entire Mall = 4km = 4,000m! Afterwards, at coffee it was amazing to see her smile - from the sense of independence and from her own experience of exercise.

She has told me how they help her up the hill outside the front door of the building and last week, she was able to manage through grass at an outdoor event. On Sundays, she is able to push herself to church and back.

I hope that in the near future you can assist her with a better fitting chair too.”

- John

“Thank you so much for coordinating all of this for me. Just spoke to my parents and they love the chair, they already used it this morning to go shopping. Your professionalism and attention to detail are, once again, very appreciated. We will let you know whenever we need something else.”

- Melanie

“Hi there! Thank you so much for connecting us with Baxter, again...That was the best after school appointment we've had in a long time...We have been dealing with (name removed by Custom Mobility) in Kitchener, and before that, in Mississauga for years…the reason we have stayed until now is for one of the staff who is phenomenal, and to avoid the other show in town.

However, I have recently become aware of another option in St. Thomas/London area called Custom Mobility. I was at an event on Saturday and they were there. They seem to really know their stuff, and appear not to have lost their humanity or sight of their client’s dignity from their business...I know it is a drive, but it may just be worth it!”

- A Satisfied Customer

“We both felt energized after that appointment - someone that actually had more answers than questions.”

- Christine

“Kudos to you for pulling all of that off so well - wow! Shelley and I were soooo impressed with those guys, they were extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what they do (something we don't often see) and we found out they also do ceiling lifts and would come to Brantford for a quote so we are very excited about that.” 

- Kelly

“What a thoughtful thing for you to think of for my niece. I spoke with her last night and she is very appreciative of the information. Thanks again.”

- Dorothy never fail to look after me so well! Like I tell everyone, Custom Mobility is the BEST!!!!! I look forward to Monday’s visit.”

- Gary

“Chris was very helpful yesterday. The service was excellent and the client, very satisfied.”

- Dana

“We felt a tip was in order! Your service is far superior to any other companies I've ever dealt with!”

- Meredith

I wanted to take the time to thank you personally for all of your work with Ken M. From the day I stepped foot into Middlesex Terrace, it was my goal to have proper seating for Ken. I was greeted at the door with Ken halfway out of his chair...and since that day has been the case most mornings when I arrive! What a difference—he is positioned comfortably with minimal sliding—and looks so much better.”

- Jan 

“Dear Mr. Geiger, this is just a quick message to thank you for coming to our home on March 14, 2012 to determine if you could assist Mum with her ongoing health issues. She was very impressed with your thoroughness and the resulting time you took with her in completing your assessment. The fact that you chose not to charge Mum was quite unexpected and very appreciated. We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your professionalism, thoughtfulness, and obvious caring for the people you serve. It makes you and your company very unique!”

- John and Ruthe

“I just wanted to touch base to tell you what a beautiful job your contractors did on Mrs. M's home.”

- Lara

“Hello, Fred. Thank you so much for your help, advice, and honesty regarding pressure mapping and success with my client. It is greatly appreciated by myself and our client.”

 - Lola

“Thank you for your prompt reply. Just to set the record straight - I was not charged for the repairs to the chair that I told you about today. The reason I want the copies of the work that was done is that when the 3 years of warranty have run their course and the chair's repairs are totally my cost, I want to be able to prove what was already done to the chair.

Thank you for your help with the manual as well as the advice on what course to follow. You've given me renewed confidence in how the system is supposed to work.”

- Marg

“I wanted to thank you again for your assistance at our visit yesterday afternoon. It is refreshing to have a knowledgeable vendor with your background and willingness to help the client. I look forward to working with you again in the future!”

- Jennifer

“I was lucky enough to be referred to Custom Mobility as I was in need of a new wheelchair. My referral went in and shortly after I was contacted by Kevin Baxter explaining who he was and that he had received my paperwork and the process was underway for a new chair through ADP.

Kevin was very genuine in his approach to listening to my needs and what I required. It was very refreshing to see someone who was intelligent and listened and not just simply told me what I needed and ended it at that. After we talked for a bit, Kevin had heard that I had two very important dates coming up, two weddings that I so dearly wanted to attend, but I had no confidence in the chair I currently possessed.

Mr. Baxter immediately offered me a loaner chair that was in perfect shape bright and shiny, right out of the box. When I inquired about the cost of the loaner, his only concern was my safety and comfort and not the cost and I could use it until my new chair arrives. I was immediately sold on Custom Mobility and the service provided. Recently, I was outdoors and ran over a nail, this was on a Saturday, I contacted Custom Mobility and within minutes, I had a reply to my call and a time set up for a repair.

The old vendor I dealt with would have told me ‘sorry can’t do anything for you until Monday,’ and that is what they call ‘emergency service’.

My repair was done and I was on my way again. Thank you, Kevin and Fred. You truly are a service that is needed in today’s society where people claim to provide good customer service but you truly show it. I will be your customer for life.”

- Gilles

“Good morning, Fred. Thank you so very much for coming out on Sunday to address the lift. I really appreciate it because my whole family is here from out of town. I'm so glad you are still my # 1 Team. Will call you when we get back.”

- Carola 

“Dear Kevin, I would like to thank you sincerely on behalf of The London Consistory Club for your generous donation of a trailer load of wheelchairs to help us to fulfill our mandate to assist people in need. I assure you that your assistance devices are thankfully received and will be faithfully applied. Kindest regards.”

- The London Consistory Club

I appreciate your very professional work, and help in finding funding, etc. I had a few less than favourable dealings with (name removed by Custom Mobility) after getting the scooter from them. You have reinforced my belief in Straight up honest company ethics. Thank you again. Please advise.”

- David

 “You and your colleagues are amazing!!! Thank you very much for the awesome customer service and outstanding turnaround time!! I can't wait to speak to my Dad and to see these chairs in action!!

- Brandie

“Fred, thanks for your partnership with March of Dimes. You have such a great attitude.

I wanted to tell you that Chris won the 50/50 last night and he turned around and gave it back to March of Dimes. You have a great team. We will talk soon.”

- Mary Lynne

“I value the relationship I have with Custom Mobility and really appreciate the responsiveness you have demonstrated when my wife needed help.”

- John

“Good Morning. I would like to also share my appreciation for all of your hard work, not only with Mr. V...but with all of the residents both of your teams oversee. Great job!”

- Lynn

“Thank you for the lunch-and-learn on Friday. I know the team here learned a lot from your presentation and from trialing the ramp, porch-lift, and bathroom mock-ups. Also, it was a great opportunity to get firsthand chance to use a wheelchair.

Thanks again to you and the all the folks at Custom Mobility. I know these events take a lot of time and coordination to prepare.”

- Lonnie

“We appreciate doing business with you guys. We think your service is outstanding.”

- Sandi

Thank you for your excellent customer service!”

- Sue

“Hello, Fred. Thank you again for everything. Without organisations like Custom Mobility, Aphasia Camp would not be possible.”

- Gemma

Hi, Fred. Thanks so much! Exceptional customer service! I appreciate it!”

- Bonnie

“Fred, I'm happy to recommend you and your company. Always!”

- Chris F.

“I am extremely impressed with your company's customer service, knowledge base, and the care and personal attention provided for my dad, first and foremost, and to me. Please know how comforting and reassuring your attention to detail has been as we navigate these new and very frightening waters.”

- Brandie F.

“Thanks so much. The TENA shipment arrived this afternoon. Much appreciated with such prompt service!”

- Sara

“Just so you know, we really appreciated Kevin's attention to detail with my Dad's chair. He was great with Dad too.”

- Heidi

“You guys are amazing! Thank you!”

- Courtney

“I cannot express enough‎ how much this has assisted and how pleased we are that your company stepped up to assist him when we were out of options. The adjustments you have done have allowed him to continue to drive his chair. This chair is the main source of quality of life for him and the impact on maintaining use has been significant.”

- Matt

“Our chair was fixed perfectly and promptly. Your company provides outstanding service. Everyone, from the people who answer the phone to those who come to our door, everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and polite. Thanks for your help.”

- Barbara

“Brenda forwarded me a copy of your email to her reselling her lift. Thank you for taking the time to send this in such detail. It is much appreciated. You have been a tremendous asset since we started dealing with you.”

- Steve

“I am enjoying so much the modifications that have been made to my home every day! The energy that I am conserving is wondrous for my health and well-being. Thank you again so very much for all your help.”

- Carola

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