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With our free and no obligation in-home consultation, we discuss you and your family’s goals of safety and mobility. This allows us to introduce a range of possible solutions, as well as, the necessary information allowing you to make an informed decision.

Stair Lifts

Physical changes can cause stairs to become increasingly prone to accidents and injuries for patients. Stair lifts can offer a practical solution to independence, and increased safety. The result equals peace-of-mind for the whole family.

We offer a variety of models that have a weight capacity range between 300 and 600 lbs. These low maintenance units feature aluminum extruded tracks with built-in charging strips. Battery backup systems allow for multiple trips during times of power interruption. Additional safety features include sensors that prevent the lift from moving is an item is blocking the stairway or track, or if the seat is not in proper position.

Our professional installation and service, as well as a comprehensive warranty, provide the comfort of long-term dependable operation.

Straight Stair Lifts

Suitable for virtually any stairway, configurations allow travel lengths up to 75 feet with inclines between 32 and 52 degrees. The option of a folding rail reduces trip hazards at the bottom of the staircase.

Curved Stair Lifts

Curved stair lifts are custom-built solutions designed to navigate 30-degree and 180- degree turns. Designed specifically for your home’s needs, these lifts can accommodate inside or outside curves. Narrow profiles that hug the wall provide you with full access to all levels of your home. Colour and fabric options help you achieve a tasteful addition to your home.

Outdoor Stair Lifts

Whether accessing the steps to the front door or the garden in the backyard, outdoor lifts are engineered to function in snow or rain. The design allows the lift to operate in frigid temperatures of minus 17 degrees Celsius.

Incline Lifts

Residential platform lifts allow users to remain in their wheelchairs and eliminate the need to transfer onto a seat. Entry or exit is simple, and the lift has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. When not in use, the platform folds up to a 13” width.


Residential elevators provide easy access to all levels of your home and make sense for those who are aging, have special needs, or seeking a convenient way to transfer laundry or furniture between floors.

Particularly cost-effective in new home construction, elevators add an affordable luxurious feature that increases the value of your home.

  • Stratus
  • Crystal
  • Trus-T-Lift
  • Dumbwaiter Mobility


The Stratus offers a travel height of up to 14’ and has a load capacity of 800 lbs. The Stratus’ options include:

  • Choice of Interior Finish
  • Size of Carriage
  • Entry/Exit Styles
  • Battery Backup System


The Crystal elevator is a luxurious model that offers travel a height of up to 50’ with the possibility of multiple entry/exit points. The Crystal has a proven low-maintenance record and uses at least 50% less energy than some competitor models.

Like the Stratus model, the Crystal has an all-electric design equipped with QuietCab technology. That means no messy hydraulic fluids while cancelling out the cost and space required for an equipment room or deep pit.

Product options include:

  • Choice of Interior Finish
  • Range of Doors From Custom Supplied to Automatic Sliding
  • Size of Carriage
  • Entry/Exit Styles
  • Battery Backup System


The Trus-T-Lift is a home lift that is the most cost-effective option. This lift can be used indoors or outdoors. Various models offer travel distance between 28” and 14’, with a load capacity of 750 lbs. This type of lift can also withstand even the harshest of environments including operating in temperatures as low as -40° C. The unit is so easy to install.

Product features include:

  • Straight Through Entry/Exit or 90-Degree Exit
  • Battery Backup System

Accessible Bathrooms

  • Walk-In Tubs
  • Barrier Free Showers
  • ADL Spa Bathtubs

Walk-In Tubs

For many, the ability to enjoy a long relaxing dip becomes impossible due to the safety concerns of entering and exiting the tub. For this very reason, the demand for walk-in tubs continues to grow as the population ages. 

That growth in popularity has also resulted in an ever-increasing number of manufacturers offering walk-in tubs. For many people, the number of choices is overwhelming. Prices can vary depending on factors such as:

  • The quality of the shell’s construction
  • Features such as the number and types of jets
  • Quality of plumbing fixtures
  • The long-term quality of the door seal
  • Applicable warranties

It is important to recognize that many factors, such as medical conditions or the home’s structure, may suggest a walk-in tub as the wrong choice for you and your home. It is important to discuss your circumstances in detail with a qualified person to be able to make a fully informed decision.

Barrier-Free Showers

The risk of a fall is greatly reduced by showers with zero or reduced threshold. Various available models with considerable options allow you to achieve the look and function you want. With walk-in tubs, the choices can be numerous, and the price range varies widely. The determining factors are:

  • The quality and thickness of the shower pan and walls
  • Quality of plumbing fixtures
  • Type and number of safety supports
  • Ability to customize the look

Discussing your personal needs and circumstances with a qualified person will help ensure you purchase a shower that best suits your needs.


Modular Ramps

A wide range of configurations and options are available to match any ramp need, whether the requirement is for short-term or long-term needs. The modular and portable nature of these ramps allows the configuration to be changed as required if you move or alter your plans. Modular ramps are high in function and value. Contact us to learn more.

Commercial Ramps

Engineered specifically for commercial applications, aluminum ramps can be configured to fit virtually any plan. Ramps are ideal solutions to modular structures. Architecturally designed for a clean appearance, they feature welded extrusions for strength and a permanent slip-resistant walking surface. Site-specific stamped drawings are available.

Portable Ramps

  • Suitcase Folding

A full-length, low-profile hinge provides stability and strength to folding ramps. Unfolded, it provides an extruded non-skid 30” wide surface that carries up to 800 lbs. The transition from the ground to the ramp is made easier with the self-adjusting transition plate.

The carrying handle makes them easy to transport when folded. Made of welded aluminum, these ramps are sturdy, maintenance-free, and allow long-term use. Made in the USA, these ramps come with three-year limited warranties.

  • Aluminum Portable Ramps

This portable ramp is designed to be used and carried as one unit with its unique three-fold design. Suitable for wheelchairs and scooters, it has a 29” wide platform with a skid- resistant surface and a weight capacity of up to 800 lbs.

Made in the USA, these ramps come with a three-year limited warranty. The Trifold Advantage Series ramp also features an option to add the top lip extension for easy access in the rear of vans.

Threshold Ramps

  • Aluminum

Light, portable, and designed for a doorway or raised landing entry, these 34” wide, high-strength aluminum ramps support up to 600 pounds. Threshold ramps can be used individually or as a combination of 2 to provide easy entry and/or exit. Available in heights from 1” to 6” in .5” increments, these products are made in the USA and are covered by three-year limited warranties.

The self-supporting and adjustable models are 36” wide and designed for heights between 1 ½” to 2 ¼” or 2 ¼” to 4 ¼”. These models are covered by three-year warranties.

  • Rubber

Designed for doorways or raised landings, this type of ramp is useful for sliding patio doors as it does not interfere with the door track. Made of 100% recycled tires, these ramps support up to 850 lbs. of weight and are slip-resistant.

Threshold ramps can be used individually or as a combination of 2 to for trouble-free entry and/or exit. Rubber ramps with bevelled edges are also available. Made in the USA, these ramps are covered by one-year limited warranties.

Clinical Furnishings

We offer complete furnishings for medical offices and facilities. Also available are packages that offer the most efficient way to furnish an entire exam room.

Each bundle includes:

  • 1 exam table
  • 48" wall
  • Base cabinets with stainless steel sink and faucet
  • Single stainless steel glove box holder
  • Five-leg pneumatic stool
  • Stainless steel waste receptacle
  • Coordinating padded side chair

Choose from multiple coloured sets. Achieving premium quality with high functionality or even a customized look for your facility is only a phone call or click away.

Patient Lifts

Performing manual transfers creates a significant amount of risk to both patients and caregivers. Patient lift devices make for easier and safer transfers in places such as the bathroom and bedroom. This makes in-home care safe and manageable.

  • Ceiling Lifts
  • Floor Lifts
  • Pool Lifts

Ceiling Lifts

Versatile rail systems are designed to meet a variety of needs including the ability to move a person seamlessly from room to room. Engineered specifically for each application, these rails with overhead lifts are able to fit any environment. If you are seeking a temporary solution, portable overhead rail systems may be the ideal solution.

Floor Lifts

Hydraulic Lift With Low Base

Reliant Plus Lifts - The Invacare line of lifts was conceived to prevent caregiver back injury and to ensure dignity in patient handling. These high-quality lifts are comfortable, reliable, and an integral tool for staff and caregivers.

Using the lift for patient handling reduces staff injuries, saving you money, and reinforcing safety as a priority in your healthcare facility. Reliant Plus lifts support up to 450 pounds, making potentially challenging transfers smooth for resident and caregiver.

The new higher lift range allows easy access to beds, chairs, toilets, floors, and tubs (with at least 4.5-inch clearance). Along with innovative lifts, Invacare also offers facility assessment plans to further aid in your safety management program.

Our all-encompassing lift system may also include in-service training, videos, and an injury prevention program. We partner with you in lowering costs and protecting your staff from injury. The sturdy and practical design of Reliant Plus lifts provide the solution you need for success in your quest to provide safe and effective healthcare.


  • Base legs adjust easily and lock securely into open position with the padded shifter handle; total pinch-point protection covers all moving parts for added safety
  • Covered base provides protection against wear, dirt, and moisture
  • Height range allows lifting from floor and high surfaces; padded swivel bar with 360 degrees rotation and six-point hook-up allows use of Invacare chain-free slings as well as older-style slings with chains or straps
  • Warranty includes 3 years on lift, 1 year on hydraulic pump


  • Base Length: 48"
  • Base Width:
    • Open: 41"
    • Closed: 26.5"
  • Caster Options:
    • Front: 3"
    • Rear: 5"
  • Overall Height:
    • Maximum Sling Hook-up: 71"
    • Minimum Sling Hook-up: 25"
    • Base Height: 4.5"
  • Product Weight: 93 lbs.
  • Product Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.

Reliant 450 Power Low Base

These lifts are comfortable and reliable. Reliant lifts support up to 450 lbs. The high lift range allows easy access to room furniture and fixtures with at least 4.5" clearance.


  • Electronic system includes 2 24-volt batteries, a manual emergency lowering device, and anti-entrapment if boom meets any resistance while lowering
  • Height range allows lifting from floor and high surfaces
  • Padded swivel bar with 360 degrees rotation and six-point hook-up allow use of Invacare chain-free slings as well as older-style slings with chains or straps
  • Total pinch-point protection covers all moving parts for added safety


  • Base Length: 48"
  • Base Width:
    • Open: 41"
    • Closed: 26.5"
  • Power:
    1. Charger Output 24-Volt DC
    2. Removable 24-Volt Battery Packs
      Audible 'Low Battery Alarm' Lifts per Charge: 150 - 300* (*Varies With Lift Range and Load)
  • Overall Height:
    • Maximum At-Sling Hook-up: 74"
    • Minimum At-Sling Hook-up: 24"
    • Base Height: 4.5" (Clearance)
  • Product Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.

Painted and Chrome Hydraulic Lifts

The Invacare hydraulic lift was created to make transfer situations safe and affordable for everyone involved. With its slim design, the hydraulic lift is versatile enough to use for any and all patient moves.

The system includes a padded swivel bar and push handle, a 450-pound weight capacity, durable steel construction, and a 360-degree patient rotation without side-to-side sway. Its lightweight construction and easy disassembly allow quick transport and setup. Indispensable to patients and caregivers alike, these lifts offer safety, comfort, and stability.


  • 20" to 64" range allows for patient to be picked up from lying position on floor
  • Elongated handle design serves a broad range of operator heights and offers improved handling ability
  • Offset mast and boom style to provide better lift path and maximizing full travel range
  • Pump handle can rotate from side to side for easy attendant handling
  • Six-point swivel bar attachment easily adapts to all sling styles and positions


  • Base Length: 46.75"
  • Back Width:
    • Open: 42.25"
    • Closed: 22"
  • Caster Options:
    • Front: 5"
    • Rear: 5"
  • Overall Height:
    • Maximum At-Sling Hook-up: 64"
    • Minimum At-Sling Hook-up: 20"
    • Base Height: 6.5" (Clearance)
  • Product Weight: 68 lbs.
  • Product Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.

Reliant 350 Stand-Up Lift

Comfortable and secure, the Reliant Stand-Up Lift (Model no. RPS350-1) is the answer to your resident transport needs. Reliant's ergonomic design and nimble manoeuvrability make it an ideal product for everyday resident handling.

With its numerous safety features, the Reliant Stand-Up Lift ensures caregiver’s security and resident’s peace of mind. Ideal for use with weight-bearing patients or residents needing rehabilitation support, this lift is a valuable addition to your safety management systems.


  • Adjustable pivoting leg support features a soft pad with lateral contour that secures legs in 3 positions for comfort at any height
  • Wide non-slip footplate provides stable base for transfer
  • Ergonomic features make it ideal for toilet transfers and rehabilitation purposes
  • Features include a fast, simple sling attachment that protects against accidental disengagement
  • Wide push handle and quick access for clothing removal
  • Comfortable slings with extended back support prevent pressure in the axilla area
  • Innovative adjustment features adapt to a wide variety of body sizes and shapes
  • Comfort at any height, width and weight range up to 350 lb.
  • Multifunction slings allow for quick toileting, stand assist, or full-support seated transfer
  • Adjustable leg strap option secures leg against kneepad for optimum positioning on footplate
  • Warranty includes 3 years on the lift, 1 year on electric components
  • Under-bed clearance of 4.5 inches allows free access to most nursing home, hospital, and home care bed styles
  • Removable battery eliminates downtime

Products ID 12394 Specifications:

  • Base Length: 35.5”
  • Base Width:
    • Open: 36.8”
    • Closed: 25.7”
  • Power:
    1. Charger Output 24-Volt DC
    2. Removable 24-Volt Battery Packs
      Audible 'Low Battery Alarm' Lifts Per Charge: 150 - 300* (*Varies With Lift Range and Load)
  • Caster Options:
    • Front: 3"
    • Rear: 5" (Locking)
  • Overall Height:
    • Maximum At-Sling Hook-up: 63.7"
    • Minimum At-Sling Hook-up: 39.6"
    • Base Height: 4.5" (Clearance)
  • Product Weight: 115 lbs.
  • Product Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.

Pool Lifts

Custom Mobility offers a wide range of aquatic access equipment for both residential and commercial applications. Whether accessing in-ground pools, above-ground pools, or hot tubs, we can assist you in finding the most suitable equipment.

Pool Access Equipment

  • Change Tables
  • Overhead Lifts

Fall Prevention

Grab bars need not look institutional. In addition to standard grab bars, we offer a collection of stylish models that are made of high-quality materials. The functionality is hidden within the design of these elegant pieces. Contact us to learn more about our HealthCraft home safety products!

  • P.T. Rail

The P.T. Rail provides exceptional support when mounted to the wall. Its hinged design provides enhanced functionality. Options include an available floor mast when mounting into the wall is not possible. For additional structural when mounting to the wall, choose the wall plate alternative.

  • Superpole

The Superpole is a compression fit beam that provides support in various locations within the home. Photo includes the SuperBar option. It is designed for floor to ceiling heights between 93”- 99”.

Extension kits are available for higher heights as well as cathedral ceilings. The bar rotates around the pole and locks every 45 degrees to assist with movements and transfers while also preventing falls. Call us to find out more.

Home Medical Supplies

  • Etude Bed Systems

The ETUDE HC Homecare bed is the ideal choice for community home care. ETUDE HC delivers a modern, streamlined, and discreet design that blends perfectly with any interior.

Available deck heights range from 7.8” to 26.5”, this enables a reduced risk of fall for the user. The user-friendly, eight-function hand control enables the user or caregiver to lock out specific functions for increased safety. A 40”x86.5” sleep surface fits most mattresses.

The Invacare IV Home Care Bed is durable and washable. You will save on repair and cleaning costs. A six-button remote allows the user to adjust the head, foot, and deck of the bed. Choose from a wide array of comfortable therapeutic mattresses.

  • Lift Chairs

Choose from a wide selection of Lift Chairs manufactured by Golden Technologies. With multiple sizing, customization, and fabrics to choose from, we are confident we can find the ideal chair for you. Ask us about including heat and massage to your chair!

  • Soft Goods

For caregivers and patients, we have hundreds of soft goods to ensure that proper care and cleanliness are maintained in the home. Choose from popular brands such as TENA, AloeTouch, and Coloplast, among many others.

Supplies include:

  • Medical Exam Gloves
  • Washcloths/Wipes
  • Syringes
  • Catheters
  • Incontinence Supplies
  • Gauze

Looking for a specific product? We have access to hundreds of suppliers. Contact us for more information.


  • Colibri

Invacare Colibri four-wheel portable scooters work great in any setting. It features a compact design ideal for use in the home and fitted with large enough wheels to handle the outdoor terrain.

Dismantle the scooter in minutes to fit in the car and take with you anywhere. Featuring 5 interchangeable coloured sets, your Colibri Scooter will fit both your lifestyle and personality.

Standard with a powerful 200-watt motor, Colibri scooters provide safety through increased torque at low speeds and a class-leading 8 km/h travel speed. Ask us about available government funding programs for assistance in purchasing this mobility device.

  • Leo

The Leo scooter is an ideal indoor/outdoor scooter due to its compact size and long-range capacity. Engineered with the highest regards to safety, functionality, and quality, the Leo scooter is the optimal choice for those who value their independence.

Features, such as delta-steering handlebars and an adjustable seat, ensure that any journey on the Leo scooter is a comfortable one. Talk to us for assistance with available government financial aid programs.

  • Pegasus

Stronger, smarter, and safer, Pegasus four-wheel scooters offer safety, reliability, and comfort. Whether you’re taking a stroll around the block or a trip across town, the Invacare Pegasus delivers smooth rides within a 40-kilometer range at top speeds of 12 km/h. Ask us about government financing programs to assist you in purchasing our mobility equipment.


We carry a wide selection of premium-grade walkers with varying seat heights. Choose from models, such as Xpresso, Nexus, and Jazz, to find the rollator that’s right for you. There are government funding programs available to assist you, so please feel free to inquire.


A qualified therapist is necessary to help you choose whether a manual or power wheelchair will best suit your needs. Once that is determined, we can advise you which chairs have the best track record for low maintenance and reliability. In most circumstances these purchases qualify for government funding assistance. Call us to learn more.

Don’t hesitate to ask our technicians for assistance with installation requirements and schedule availability. With all products, prices vary and are dependent upon factors such as functional features, and installation requirements.
To inquire more about pricing details, call us at 519-264-3316 or 888-864-3316 (toll-free) today.