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Custom Mobility understands how mobility needs can change due to age, illness or injury. We offer a wide range of products that can help you to navigate your home safer and easier. We provide information that helps you, your family, and caregivers to make informed decisions on what solutions will best meet your needs of today, and tomorrow.

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Accessibility within the home, and to achieve daily activities are improved by choosing the most suitable aids to daily living. We strive to help people achieve maximum comfort and independence to carry out their daily needs.

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Finding the ideal solution to various mobility problems can be challenging for many of us. With many of these products claiming to offer the best features, price points, and add-ons, it’s easy to be confused. At Custom Mobility, we believe in providing information regarding all aspects of the equipment you are considering to purchase.

We tell you about the pros and cons as well as the factors you need to consider before making any decision. This allows you to make a choice based on concrete knowledge while taking into account your needs and budget.

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“Professionalism, technical skill, and customer service are their benchmark!”
“Embracing a loved one’s disability can seem insurmountable, both financially and emotionally. Until I was referred to Custom Mobility for my husband’s mobility issues, I was frustrated. However, Kevin Baxter and team addressed my husband’s needs and my concerns. Frustration became relief. Professionalism, technical skill, and customer service are their benchmark. Thank you, Custom Mobility, for ensuring that my husband’s needs not only addressed but are ‘custom’ designed with great care and feeling.”

-Sandi H.